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Our Christmas tree plantation

We deal with production of Christmas trees twenty years ago. Our plantations are famous for high quality and competitive prices.

In our offer:

Our nursery dig trees into  pots or jutes in the spring period and dig or cut and packs trees before Christmas time. Our offer is dedicated for both wholesalers and retailers.

We sell our products in domestic and foreign markets. The trees are classified according to different quality classes, depending on their height which ranges between 40 cm and 250 cm. We own machines which enable to pack trees on pallets and to transport the trees to a square, so that our client may collect trees packed on pallets or in a loose form.

choinki cięte palety z choinkami

Experience and knowledge in field of conifer cultivation have been acquired since 1999, as well in the country as abroad. Our christmas tree plantations embrace an area of over 100 ha and are systematically expanded. Plantations are located in a picturesque and healthy area of forest and lakes in Warmińsko-Mazurskie province. Nursery specimens are shipped from our Danish and German suppliers. We own professional machines and thanks to that, we are able to carefully maintain trees from the moment of their planting, to nourish, shape, clean from weeds and vermin, so that our recipients get trees of a highest quality, with beautiful colours and regular shape.

Please call us by phone before visiting our plantations.

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